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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Our expert staff can sign you up to a device and plan that suit your needs. You must be over 18 years of age and Ts & Cs apply.

Telstra now offer flexible no lock in contracts on your plans. Device repayments are over 12, 24 or 36 months.

All of our phones are unlocked except for the Telstra Flip 4. 

The Telstra Flip 4 is locked to Telstra which means you can only use a Telstra sim card with it.

Yes you can! All of our smartphones can be purchased outright and are unlocked, so you can put any sim card in them.

Unfortunately, we do not repair phones at our store. We currently don’t have a technician to do so.  

Here at Maryborough Telecommunications, we are the experts in demonstrating and installing Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters. The boosters amplify and distribute the limited signal available. 

See more information below.

All billing enquires are handled by Telstra’s dedicated billing team.  For all billing and technical issues please call 13 22 00.

We offer 3 different Mobile Broadband devices that run off of mobile coverage. We also have a variety of different data plans to choose from to accompany them. 

You currently do not have to book an appointment to see us at our store.

Cel-Fi FAQ’s - Stationary

LPDA directional antenna, 10m LSHF 240 cable, TGO mobile signal booster, 6m LSHF cable, Wall mount distribution antenna

Approximately 900 square meters. 30m x 30m, depending on obstructions 

Yes. Both cables are the same type only different lengths

Not unless the other providers uses the Telstra wholesale network, like Boost, Aldi or Belong. The customer must be aware that some services are not available on the wholesale network with some providers for example Belong does not have voice over 4G, meaning they can only use the 3G network

Log Periodic dipole array

The closer you are to the tower say within 10km you only have to roughly point it in the direction of the tower. The further you are away from the tower the more accurate you must be, always use a compass bearing to be safe.

You cannot have direct line of sight between the LPDA antenna and distribution antennas or feedback will be present through the system and the system will not work properly. To have good separation it is recommended that the LPDA is mounted on top of an iron roof and the distribution antenna is mounted under the iron roof. The degree of separation is determined on the wave app.

Yes. As long as the two antennas have adequate separation.

Not necessarily. As long as there is one bar of service when on the roof, it is no benefit mounting the LPDA any higher than 1200mm above the pitch of the roof

Yes. Up to three distribution antennas can be introduced into the system via splitters, close attention must be paid to cable lengths to ensure the system works properly. If using two distribution antennas cable lengths should not exceed 10m each with only a 1m cable between TGO and splitter. If more distance than this is required, then the cable must be upsized to LSHF 400.

We don’t recommend running the TGO on auto mode as there is a possibility that the TGO will keep changing from 3G to 4G resulting in dropped calls. It is best to set the TGO on either 3G or 4G and lock all devices to the same.

When the 3G network finishes around 2024 the rural 5G will take over the 850gHZ frequency and the TGO will be able to be converted to 5G with a software update through the wave app.

The large fittings that connect the antennas are called N type fittings while the smaller fittings that screw directly onto the TGO are called SMA type fittings

Yes. Another distribution antenna can be introduced into the system using a splitter. The additional antenna can be a Mars outdoor antenna that will push the signal around 300m (depending on line of sight) these are a sector antenna and the width of signal is only about 20 degrees. Another LPDA can also be used which will push the signal to around 600m but attention must be payed to separation between the two LPDA’s.

No. Steel is the best thing to stop radio signal, if the shed has windows or open door then the signal will penetrate.

An Omni directional antenna radiates equal radio power in all directions, unlike a directional antenna such as LPDA or Yagi

Yes. As long as there is good signal outside, an example would be if there was a building that was made on impenetrable material in close proximity to a tower with no signal inside but outside had full service. In this case an Omni directional antenna would work.

Cel-Fi FAQ’s – Mobile

Yes, a mobile unit can be used as a stationary unit but a Stationary cannot be used as a mobile unit.

As a rule of thumb the lower dBi antennas are more suitable in hilly terrain and higher gain dBi antennas are better for flat country.

Yes, it is, we can advise what additional antennas are required to able to use the Cel-Fi in multiple situations.

Yes, Cel-Fi’s have been successfully installed in cars, caravans, trucks, tractors, headers, quad bikes and boats


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