Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi Mobile
Signal Boosters

Want to improve your mobile coverage? Telstra TGO Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters are available in two variants – a stationary device for coverage solutions in the home or business, and a portable device to boost coverage in the car, truck or boat.


Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Booster specialists, Maryborough Telecommunications have sold and installed more than 800 units to both residential and commercial customers in the surrounding districts, and afar. We can also refer you to locally trained installers for professional installation.


Want to find out more? Head to link below to find out more FAQs about Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters.

Want to self install?

We provide installation guidance and can provide coordinates to suitable towers to make installation easier.

How does Cel-Fi work?

Cel-Fi improves your mobile coverage by amplifying and distributing mobile signal, both stationary and on the go.

This is the only Telstra-approved signal booster and meets ACMA regulations.

Repayment options are now available on your Telstra account.

ABOUT Cel-Fi Mobile?

If you want to find out more about our Cel-F i Range download our brochures below for more information.


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